Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Applesauce Face...

Actually, no, not applesauce, but my sweet babes loves her some Rice Cereal. Apparently she doesn't like it when it is too thin, so I thickened it up and she then cried when her bowl was empty. I then gave her another bowl (1 tablespoon of cereal to 2 tablespoons of Formula).

She even tries to feed herself!

Here she is on one of her favorite things...the exersauser!

Hopefully this weekend I can look into getting her a swing for the back patio. And I CANNOT wait to see her in the pool. I might even look into getting this pool for where we live.

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rockle said...

when do you get to start introducing the baby fruits and veggies? shae used to love her rice cereal and/or oatmeal mixed with applesauce and mashed bananas. and when you get to the yogurt-is-allowed phase, there are SO MANY THINGS you can make. i could write a cookbook!