Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a new day!

I always talk about joining the gym, I pay up front and then after 8 times, work reimburses me, but, that is not practical for me right now. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. While Makayla slept I took my workout inside. We get VOD with our cable company so I shopped to see what they had for free. Well, I have a love/hate relationship with Jillian Michaels, so when I stumbled upon one of her exercise programs I thought sure, why not. Well hells bells, I NEVER thought I could sweat like this before. I did the 6 weeks 6 pack abs and let me just tell you, it is no joke! The beginner skills are good, although some of the exercises I couldn't do, not because I didn't want too, but because well I tried to do the workout without shoes on. Tomorrow I will put shoes on to do the workout and hopefully there will be different results. While I didn't get to do the whole workout without stopping (Makayla didn't sleep long AT ALL, and like I said I couldn't do some of the skills) I feel like I ran 5 miles but really it was only 38 minutes. I have decided that I make time for everyone and everything else in my life, it is time I make time for myself. I am also hoping to start walking with some friends/family on Sat afternoons to spice up my life a little bit. I figure I will do the free stuff while I can, and then in the winter, join the gym so that I can work out and so Makayla and I can continue swimming. I might not do the abs EVERYDAY maybe every other day. There are A LOT of free exercise programs, so I know that I can find something that I enjoy. Maybe tomorrow cardio kick boxing? Or 20 min Cardio Yoga, groove nBurn Disco, Less is More Cardio Workout? The possibilities are endless, but I know I really do need to make time for myself. I missed the deadline this time around, but in July I am going to do WW at Work. I pay up front, as long as I don't miss more than 2 meetings in 8 weeks, my job reimburses me. I did WW before and it worked, so I am DEFINITELY going to do it again. I am not happy with how I look, or how I feel about the way I look so it is time I did something. What I am doing is not working, so something has to change.


burger-burger said...

woo-hoo! good job, shel. have you tried loseit? sort of like ww, but only tracks calories (instead of points). something to try at least until ww starts again at work. nutrition is at least half the battle (if not more). keep it up!

burger-burger said...

ps - and more pics of makayla, pls :-)

rockle said...

good for you! you might want to look and see if there are any mari winsor pilates workouts. they are deceptively tough - you'll be able to do a lot of the moves, but you'll hurt afterwards (in the good way). there might be a few cardio routines that are pretty low-impact. i had a love-hate relationship with them, but i won't deny that they work.

Zack Lynch said...

Hi Shawn,

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Zack Lynch said...

Hi Michelle,

So sorry about getting your name incorrect in my comment. Oopps. Trying to do to many things at once. I bet you know what that's like :) Anyway, love to have you try HealthRally.