Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Friday!

The weather lately has been beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I love the summer. It means Makayla and I get out more, which, is good for my sanity. She loves being outside. Today, I took advantage of her being tired and walked for almost 2 hours. Micki and Archie walked with us, and it was nice. It kept me moving!
And while it may look like she is disinterested, she is sleeping. She fell asleep 10 minutes into the walk and lasted almost the entire walk. When she woke up she was happy!
It is not surprising that she woke up happy, she generally is, she just woke up and started chatting and I couldn't help but laugh.
Happy Friday...enjoy your holiday weekend! Stay tuned, this weekend will be Makayla's first time in a pool!


burger-burger said...

love the pictures. thanks for posting!
have a great time in the pool. i don't think it's quite pool weather here yet.

rockle said...

she gets cuter every day, if that is possible.