Thursday, September 6, 2012

A more beautiful you

I write all the time about what I am doing physically to make myself a better person. But, today, a friend (I wish it was IRL) posted a picture on Instagram of a daily scripture. It was right then and there it hit me. It doesn't matter what I look like on the outside, if spiritually I am "ugly." Don't get me wrong, I go to Catholic, I go to Church, I live according to the Church the best I can. What I don't do enough is stop, and thank God everyday for the many blessings he has given me. He blessed me with the opportunity to be a mom and best friend to my sweet little angel. He has given me the ability to run, and thankfully, I heard Him talking to me that day and I decided to jump in and run. I am not looking back at that one, but I am still thankful for the ability and the enjoyment I have found in running.

I stumbled across this song on Youtube and I thought I would share it.
There won't be a more beautiful you. You have to see it in yourself, and God does see it. Sometimes, we just have to remove the blinders and the bad attitude that society and its unhealthy attitudes has placed on us.  Once we see our own beauty, we will be happier and healthier both inside and out.

So, today, I stopped and I read a devotion from this book. Yes, I know I am not a teen, but this book was given to me in 2001 by a patient that I took care of. She said that the care I provided her really made her want to be a nurse. I wasn't even a nurse yet, but it's patients like this that I remember. What I read tonight, was something I really needed to read. Let me share some of it with you.
                             "All hard work brings a profit" (Proverbs 12:23a, NIV).
ALL hard work brings a profit. No matter what it is that you are working towards, the hard work that you are putting in will pay off. It may not end the way you think it should, but if you put your trust into God's hands, he will make sure you profit in some way.

So, tonight I ask you to stop and take some time to be thankful for whatever it is you are able to do. Know that your hard work is paying off, and whether or not you know it, others are inspired and amazed by what you do and try to live in your shadow. Be the best You you can on the inside and it will show 1000 times over on the outside.

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jenna said...

i absolutely love this post, and i love that song! you are so totally right. we have so much to be thankful for, and so much that we take for granted everyday that God gives us. we were all made exactly unique by him which really is an amazing thought! thank you for the wonderful words! spa love!