Monday, September 24, 2012

American Heart/Stroke Walk

Yesterday was the local American Heart/Stroke Walk. It was absolutely beautiful, and although it required me to get up extra early on a Sunday,  I am glad I did. I didn't hear too much about this last year, but I do hope to make this a yearly thing. Here are some pictures from the festivities.

I am not really good at self portraits, let alone self portraits with my iPhone. I tried again below..

I was surprised she got this close. I was very proud of her. We went to a high school football game and wanted NOTHING to do with the mascot dog there.

She even wanted a temporary tattoo.
We then went and waited in line for face painting. After waiting 20 minutes and the line not moving, we went back to the temporary tattoo line and I let her get it any where she wanted. As soon as we were finished, the next pic happened.
 She then slept for the next hour. 30 minutes before the walk started, and then through the entire first mile of the 2.2 mile walk.

This is her at the end of the race, after her banana. She couldn't wait to say cheese!

So, sorry for the lack of posting, I am trying to balance everything while not loosing momentum and training for my next half marathon. To read more about that, check out my fitness blog. There will be a new post on there later today!

Happy Monday!

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Heather said...

She is so cute! Glad you had a good time walking with her. :) Love the tattoo. lol