Monday, September 3, 2012

Do Something Different

Today, is Labor Day. It gives me a day off of work. (Yess!) That makes this week a short work week (double yes!) Anyway, I don't usually have a routine, on days off M and I just hang out, but today, with the hubs having off, I decided to spice up my workout. I joined my cousin Chris and his Master's team at Lehigh and swam. I didn't realize how out of swimming shape I was. I thought that with running, I would be able to just get in the pool and be able to "fly." Boy, was I wrong. I did do the best I could, and Chris helped adapt the practice for me, so hopefully, I didn't disgrace him too much. I know his time is precious, and I really did try, but man, my arms, were they/are they sore. I actually relied on my legs a lot for swimming, which I didn't use to do, and I think they were able to keep up. Hopefully I will be able to swim more often.  It was a good change of pace for my joints. I did 1400 yards (250 yards short of a mile) but hey, not too bad for my first day back in who knows when.   I also realized that I don't think I have been in a pool since Nov of last year, maybe once since then, but I also realized the changes in my body. I had one race suit, that I think I had since Sep of last year. One I got it,  I was in denial about how big I really was. Anyway, I remember when I first put on my suit back then, it was barely fitting me. Today, I put it on with some room. Actually, it was big and I need to get a smaller one. Maybe that is what it took to put things into perspective. I guess because I look at myself everyday I don't notice the changes as much. Maybe I should, no I will, focus on the positive things that I have noticed. Maybe I am not a size 8, I don't know if I ever will be, but, last summer I was in an XXL, yesterday, I bought a dress that was a medium! Being a size 8 doesn't necessarily make me healthier, being fit makes me healthier. I am excited and stoked to see the additional changes my body will undergo with my continued clean eating, and fitness challenges.

So, to celebrate Labor Day, I am going to hang out with my daughter (I did labor for 21 hours!!) and enjoy the gifts that God gives me everyday.  Have a great day, and celebrate a shortened work week!!


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Jenna @ Crazy Healthy Fit said...

You are your worst critic. We always see only the flaws when we look in the mirror every day, unless you teach your mind to do the opposite. Its all a mind game!

With that said, things like trying on that bathing suit that used to be snug, and is now loose - these are great ways of proving to yourself that you have come a long way and telling your mind that you have been doing a great job!

Swimming is one of the best full-body exercises that you could do, so its great that you are getting back into it...and its fun too!

Have a great holiday and day off of work :-)