Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back in the swing...

This week I changed things up around here. Mon, since I had off, I went for a swim. It was nice on my joints, and man, while I thought I was in shape, I realized how not in swimming shape I am. I am looking forward to next Monday when I can swim again. But, I also went to the gym. I did Kacie's arm workout. Man, it kicked my butt. I didn't realize how weak my arms were.  I did know, I just was hoping that it wasn't that bad.  It will be nice to add things to my cross training. So, that is how my week started. I think I will have to look into buying some dumbbells for home, so that on the days I cannot go to the gym I can still get the arm workout in.  I am looking forward to doing it again.  Yesterday, with the downpours of rain, heat and humidity, I didn't get to run.
 It's ok, though, I am currently doing a Sept Ab Challenge on Facebook. It's not too late to join! Today, was a different story. I went to work again early, and as usual, I woke up to do my abs. Took M to my parents, and then went to work. I got off of work at 6, came home, had dinner, and at like 730 I took M with me for a run. We looked for "her moon" her "blue bye bye" and many other things. It was a good distraction on the run. I was determined to run 3 miles, and I did it! It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't easy, but I got it done. I am so surprised with how hard, yet rewarding it is to push her in a stroller, but I wouldn't trade these moments with her for anything.
I have realized many things since I started running, some of these won't be a surprise to you, some might. Some might even give you a better understanding of who I am.
1- Childhood obesity is out of control! Why are there so many children out there who would rather play video games than go outside?!?
2- Have you ever noticed our portion sizes?!? Who needs to eat a meal that is bigger than the plate it is served on?!?
3- Eating healthy is expensive! No wonder people eat unhealthy, it's cheaper!
4- I have realized that I am an emotional/boredom eater. When I am at work, I eat only what I pack, but as soon as I get home, and I get sad, or bored, I eat. I am working on this, but now that I wrote it down, at least I am acknowledging it.
5- I don't know how to cook. So, if you have any recipes for healthy eats, send them my way!

Well, I better go, it's almost 1030. 6 am will get here quickly, and I need to get to sleep. Before that, I want to take some pictures for the app Poshmark, hopefully to sell some of the clothes that don't fit me anymore.

Finally, Welcome to the new SPA sisters! Welcome to the family, we are sure you will love it here!
Have a great night!


jenna said...

your points are so, so true!! i always hate spending crazy amounts on healthy food, but it's so worth it for the body! have a super end to your week and keep on sweatin! spa love!!

Kacie Phillips said...

I know exactly how you feel with the emotional eating. I am all to familiar with that as well. I can do well all day and RUIN IT at night. I have found sugar-free gum to help with this.

But beyond a "quick fix," recognizing and acknowledging it is the FIRST step! It's a battle. It isn't a war. You will overcome it; we both will. Just take it one day at a time. Don't dwell on the day before; just focus day in and day out on making healthy choices.