Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20th and only 5 days to go

Sorry I have been absent, life has had some unexpected turns lately. We are all fine at the igloo, just doing a lot of soul searching. We both are looking forward to Christmas, and we learned a valuable lesson this year. Do not wait until the week before Christmas to buy a Christmas tree stand, you won't find one. Penguin put up our artificial tree and it is pathetic. It is only 3 feet high, but when I wake up today we will decorate it. It might get lost amongst the presents, so we are trying to find a way to make it taller. As all of you most likely know, we received snow that started at like 10am Saturday, and as I write this at 0123 Sunday morning it is still coming down. I will try to take some snow pictures in the morning, but lately after work all I want to do is sleep. Speaking of which, I haven't done the 30day shred in a long time. It's not that I don't want too, but all I want to do is sleep and lately I have been sleeping until the last possible minute that I can get up. Looks like being 31 hasn't changed anything. Penguin starts classes the end of Jan, and since the government is paying, I am looking forward to him going back to classes. I was going to take a class, but with our money being a little tight, I am going to withdraw from the class and just wait until July to hear if I got into grad school. In the mean time, I got a per diem job at Hospital C and start there in Jan. Hopefully, I will be able to bring home some more money to start building our nest egg. My plan is still for us to try to get a house at the end of next year, and who knows have a New Years party there. Hope everyone is doing well. I am going to try to keep up with this, everyone needs an outlet right. Until then, bundle up and enjoy the snow :P


rockle said...

it's okay to take some time off and catch up on your rest, as long as you (1) catch up on your rest and (2) start back up again. you can do it!

burger-burger said...

i'm with rachel on this one. except you do have some days off, right? you should try to at least do it then. not that i'm one to give advice, but then again, i have a toddler, so i don't have any days off :)

and i hate to be trite with the new year's resolutions, but that's just around the corner. if you don't put you first, nobody else is going to.

see you in two/three days!!