Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shred Day 5

Today is Day 5 of Shred. But, before I get to that, let me just say how excited I was to wake up to SNOW!!! I took the dogs out at noon, and there was nothing on the ground, but while I was out there I got hit in the face with a snow flake. Needless to say I woke up to snow!
OK, now back to Shred...
5 Days in a row...for me this is a huge accomplishment because I have worked everyday since Wed, so making sure that I have made time for myself, even if it was just the 27:36 that it takes from warm up to cool down, I am still making time for myself. So, what have I noticed...
1- No changes physically yet, although I am hoping to start seeing changes soon
2- This is not a workout that I should do in front of hubs; while I was exercising here is what I had to listen too : Hubs "push it ladies, I want you to feel the burn, burn this skinny b*tch." (Jealous much?)
3- While I haven't noticed a huge change in my endurance, I have noticed that I only had to stop once because my arm weights are really too heavy. Oh, and I HATE, no wait, loathe, jumping jacks. Being a girl with really large tatas, even with the specialized sports bra, they are still uncomfortable, although getting more tolerable.
4- I actually feel hungry sometimes, and for me that is huge. I know that I am an emotional eater, so I am fighting hard to only eat if I am really hungry
5- (this part is gross, so readers beware) I have now remembered how gaseous I am. I am so glad that this is a workout I do at home. Hopefully this will get better..otherwise, maybe I need been-o or gas ex.
6- Hopefully I will be in at least a little better shape by the spring so that I can run and not feel like a tub a lub


rockle said...

good job! keep it up!

mom said...

just keep working at it nothing comes easy also dads christmas party is on your birthday so let me know what else is available love mom

Hi, Lane said...

Absolutely! Shoot me an e-mail & let me know what you're looking for!