Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gestational Diabetes

Getting pregnant is a major life changing event. With that, some people are able to pass the horrible 3 hour fasting glucose, and people like me are not able too. Some people can pass it early in their pregnancy and then fail later in their pregnancy. I, am that person that failed it early in their pregnancy, and for the next 6 months in my case, I have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day and pee on a stick with the first morning Pee to check for Ketones. Glamorous, I know. I am not upset with having what is known as Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes runs in my family which I knew put me at a higher risk for gestational diabetes. I won't lie, I am disappointed, but I would do just about anything a health care professional tells me I need to do for the babes. Adjusting my diet has its up and downs. Sometimes, there is something I want that I JUST CANNOT HAVE, and while I pout about it, then rub my belly and know that it is all OK. See, in being more conscious of the number of carbs, I have found some things that are just as good as the real deal. For example, Breyers makes a carb smart ice cream that I have to admit is stellar! To me, it tastes even better than full carb ice cream. But I digress... back to the subject at hand.
So far, the worst part of having gestational diabetes is the darn finger stick. While I know the rewards of having my blood sugars under control, I dread every single finger stick. Alternating the fingers does not make the pain disappear. I have learned that the thumb does not hurt as much as the rest of the fingers, although it does not mean that I enjoy it any more.
I am getting used to carrying my meter, and adapting my life in terms of being at the "mercy" of the meter. I guess it is getting me used to being at the mercy of the babes. Trying to plan meals has been easy enough, however, it does get tough on days when I work and trying to get ready for work and plan the meals makes life a little bit chaotic. Again, maybe it is life getting me ready for mass chaos. Who knows?! All I know is that while I hate sticking my finger and waiting for that little prick...I am enjoying every moment of being pregnant, and can't wait til the day that the babes comes!


mom said...

if you need anything let me know is this your weekend to work ?? i think i just might clean uncle eddie is in st lukes fever love mom

rockle said...

oh man ... but then again, keep up the good work! i know this is hard but you're doing a great job. all the extra fiber should be good for you, a lot of people get constipated when they get pregnant but eating a lot of broccoli and spinach will help! lol.

rockle said...

ps i heard if you eat broccoli when you're breast feeding the baby might get gas but i don't know first hand. might want to look into that. and start stocking up on baby mylicon.