Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Job

Soorrry for the delayed post, but between starting the new job on day shift, and having to revert back to night shift for last night and tonight, I don't really know when I should be awake and not. That being said, so far the new job is awesome. The first day was a little overwhelming, but, most new things are. There is A LOT of new stuff that I will be learning and each little stage will be a test for me. I am looking like I am back in school. I had to buy text books, there are quizzes and midterms, and if I give my all when in school, why can't I give my all in "workschool" (Yes, I know I just made up that word). It will be a lot of work, but a challenge that I am up to. All the work that it entails is making me think about my other job. My new job is M-F plus homework, which leaves the only day that I can work my other job is Sat; Sat night actually. Do I want to give up one of the only days that I can set aside for me and my homework just to earn some extra money? I have decided to see how it plays out. The next days that I work there are the middle Sats of July. What that means is that I have off the first and last Sats in July and only work the middle 3. We will see how my life settles out with working 6 days a week, and unhappiness is not worth any amount of money. If it feels like all I get to do is work, work, work, and not have any time to play than something is going to give and the other job is going to have to go. Well, that is it for now. I am watching the US play Ghana in soccer right now, and I just saw Landon Donovan score a beautiful penalty shot goal. I better get back to that and doing my homework. I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


rockle said...

glad you like the new job!

burger-burger said...

you may just want to suck it up for as long as you can, because you definitely won't want to work once the baby is here. and a little spare cash in the bank with the baby won't hurt.