Thursday, June 10, 2010


Our vacation this year has changed venues. It has also changed date, theme, and number in attendance. I actually think I am going to like this vacation more. We are now heading to the Jersey Shore and all of us are sharing a little slice of heaven. I am so looking forward to it. However, this is where I need help from you my blog friends. I need some must have summer vacation beach reads. I have read every book I own at least once, but I know that sitting on the beach will give me ample time to read and relax. Anyone have suggestions? I love Nicholas Sparks books, and I prefer books that I can get at the library since they are free!! Thanks guys!


rockle said...

anything else you like to read? i have A TON of books (i believe the technical measurement is "metric shit-ton") and i'll be glad to share. we shall need to discuss. i have a lot of mysteries and chick-lit-y memoirs.

burger-burger said...

if you're into the kathy reichs (bones) books, gloria has those. and i told rachel, i'll scout out her library tomorrow and let you know what else she has.