Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our pregnancy continued...

So, after the appointment where we hear the heartbeat for the first time, Hubs told me that he finally feels like it is real. Now, this is the same guy who has said that it still hasn't hit him yet that we are married. Take it as you may, it means a lot to me that he is so excited, well in his own little way anyway. My mom is the "garage sale ninja" and has started to get us things that we need. Actually mom asked me what we need and my answer was, "this is my first kid, I have no idea what I need." So, needless to say Hubs and I head to Walmart and Target to start our window shopping. At this point Hubs wants everything new for the baby, until he sees how much stuff costs. Anyway, I digress. He has moved on to being ok with gently used stuff, well especially since he saw all the loot my sister J is lending us. Now, he is ok with it.

Anyway, as you may or may not know, once you "become" pregnant, there is a lot of blood work and tests involved. One such test is the 1 hour glucose tolerance test. You get to drink this drink that reminded me of orange crush soda, without the fizz and with extra sugar. Anyway, it was an experience that I wish on no one. So, I fasted for the 1 hour like you are told and I report to the lab. They give me the stuff to drink. I asked them if they wanted to take my fasting blood work first, and the phlebotomist (the lady that draws your blood) said to me "do you want me to call the doctor and tell them that you are refusing it?" I said, I am not refusing it, I just want to make sure you are doing the lab work correctly. She huffed and meanly said drink this. So, I said fine and was now fired up. I drink the drink and read the back of the bottle which reads" fast for 12 hours prior to taking this test" I looked at my husband and was like what the heck. I was only told to fast for 1 hour. Anyway an hour pasts and they draw my blood work. Being a nurse in the network that the lab is connected with, I am able to check my lab results before I get the call from the doctor's office. I kind of like to be prepared before people tell me stuff. Anyway, I see that my 1 hour glucose is 143 and they want it less than 135. SO, I know that means I have to do the 3 hour glucose test. Anyway, it is now time for my doctor's appt and he starts to review my labs. He gets to the part where he looks at my baseline labs. I tell him the situation with the lab, and he is frustrated. He had to document what was said, and make a notation in my chart that says the labs are wrong. I then asked him about the 12 hour fast part, and he says it is just a suggestion, but that because I failed the 1 hour, I have to do the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I told him that was fine. I have a family history of diabetes, and a sister who was gestational for her pregnancy so I just have come to accept the fact that I too will have it.

Anyway, it is now time for the 3 hour glucose tolerance test, which I made sure to fast for 12 hours prior which ends up being a 15 hour fast. There they give you this drink that is like sugared up Hawaiian punch. In all honesty, I thought it burnt a little on the way down. Well anyway, after this test I go to work and check the results. Again I failed:( I guess it is better to know early than late, but I was devastated.
Stay tuned, my test entry will be about lifestyle changes with Gestational diabetes....

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rockle said...

gently used is the way to go. we only have one new piece of furniture in shae's room, still (her armoire) -- everything else came from somewhere else.

reusing is environmentally friendly.