Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sleeepless nights

This must be part of the pregnancy that people have been telling me about. The nights when I don't sleep through the night getting myself ready for when the baby arrives. Which, leads me to absence on here. It's not that I want to not blog, I love blogging. I love sharing all the stories of my pregnancy with you guys just as much as I love reading about the happenings in your lives. However, that leads me to the current situation. I am ready for bed much earlier than I used to be. MUCH earlier, like 8 pm early. Which, is where I am headed as soon as I finish writing. I just finished the homework I had to do for work, thought I would quick stop by and head to bed. I will have my nighttime snack, get up to pee and then have my bedtime insulin and then go back to bed for the night. I am hoping that tonight only leads to one trip to the restroom, and sleep until at least 1. Last night, I was asleep until 11, woke up again at 1, peed and then tossed and turned until the alarm at 5:15. While I am functioning ok with the minimal sleep, I would love to get more sleep. Like the one night when I went to bed at 8:30pm and slept soundly until 7:30 am. I know those nights won't come often, but man..this girl is going to dream.


rockle said...

someone once told me "sleep is for the weak." THEY LIED. they only say that so when you're tired and miserable you don't have the energy to chase them with cutco knives.

sleep when you can. even if you have to take 1/2 hour naps when you get home from work. do it. because you're pregnant, and you're ALLOWED.

mom said...

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