Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Pregnancy week 27

According to the Bump.com, I have 91 days to go! Holy moly Batman!
How far along? ~ 27 weeks
Total weight gain or loss? ~ Currently sitting at 7 pounds lost which means 8 pounds gained. Will officially know tomorrow at the doctor's appointment.
Maternity clothes? ~ Yes and no. I wear sweat pants when not going to work(they are comfy) and since my mom gave me an awesome box of maternity clothes, I wear them. and I have always worn my shirts big. I am starting to wear some maternity tops, they just seem to be longer Also hoping to get some things this weekend, maybe from Kohl's or Baby Depot.
Stretch marks? ~ Yes, they are faint, but I am faithfully applying that cream that my sister J gave me.
Sleep?~ Is now a problem, although since the hubs (yes he is awesome) bought me a body pillow, sleep is getting better.
Best moment this week? ~Realizing that I am in the third trimester! WOW! Time flies!
Movement? ~ Yes. Little miss loves it when I scrub in the OR. She seems to like that she can kick me and I can't rub her back.
Food cravings? ~None, haven't really had any at all so far this pregnancy. Hubs still has them, does that count?
Gender? ~ A precious little Daddy's little Girl
Labor signs? ~NO...little Femia, please just keep growing. k thanks. Love, mom
Belly button in or out? ~In....
Wedding rings on or off? ~On, although they seem to be a little big.
What I miss? ~Being able to eat whatever I want without worrying how it is going to affect the babes.
What I am looking forward too? ~Getting to meet her, although no rush, Christmas comes right after she does
Weekly wisdom? ~Enjoy every moment, this pregnancy will sure to go by fast
Weekly milestone? ~Making it another week...and into another trimester
I believe I read that Femia is the size of an eggplant this week.
Next month err um in 2 weeks is our breast feeding class, stay tuned for that. That class is followed up by our 1 day a week for 4 weeks series on Lamaze. Goodness only knows what kind of blogging that will lead too.
Want to read about babes from earlier, click here.


Brittany said...

:)) I am so excited! I cant believe how fast time flies!

rockle said...

i'd give you some of the clothes i've "undergrown" but i think they're too big anyway. good luck shopping! if you need help this weekend i can go on saturday. let me know.

mikroenjeksiyon said...

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