Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas card time..

Soon, it will be time for Penguin and I to mail out Christmas cards. This year, our Christmas cards will probably be more like New Year's cards, but none the less they will be special. See, as you know it will be the first Christmas cards with our sweet babes on it. This year I am looking at going to shutterfly to help with the Christmas cards. For example, I think this design is so precious for her first Christmas card. And with her due date being so close to Christmas, I couldn't pass up this design for her birth announcement. Or, maybe I will use a maternity photo to send out the cards in time for Christmas. If I go this route, then this is the card I would choose. Penguin and I usually send out generic cards, but this year I want it to be special. While these are just 3 of the cards that Shutterfly has to offer, I know that if I keep looking I will find the perfect card just for us. Happy choosing your greeting card!

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