Saturday, October 16, 2010


The weekend is here and what kinds of fun things are we doing? Well, the hubs is painting the nursery! Can't wait to get some pictures of it to put on here. We are trying a unique painting job, so hubs is worried it won't turn out well. I just can't wait until it is finished so that we can start putting the nursery together. While he is doing that, I am out of the apartment doing other laundry. Not our laundry, but laundry for our unborn babes. I didn't even bring over everything that needs to be washed (I don't think so anyway) but, I already have 4 loads to do! 1 load is currently in the washer, 1 in the dryer, and the other 2 are separated by color waiting for their respective turns. Who would have thought that an unborn child has so much stuff to wash! Don't get me wrong, I love is all hand me downs and stuff that we don't have to buy her, just a little overwhelmed with getting it all done. Actually, a little overwhelmed with everything these days...less than 60 days until our sweet baby girl will be here. WOW! That's amazing. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and let everyone know what we are doing today. Later tonight we are going to my uncle's surprise birthday party, and then I am DD for my cousin who is also celebrating her birthday. I didn't think it was cool for a pregnant person to be out at the bar celebrating with her. Tomorrow I am going to breakfast with my cousin, then one of my cousins who isn't really a cousin is having an open house for her new home. Which I think the hubs and I are going to go too if even only for an hour. Before that there is cake for my grandfather's sister, and Church. Why do the weekends only have to be 2 days? Why can't they be longer so that I can get more stuff done without feeling like I am cramming a lot into them. Until tomorrow when I post about the breastfeeding class...have a great windy Saturday!


rockle said...

here's the funny part about doing all that wash: nothing stays clean for longer than 2 hours on a person under 2 years of age. so it's all going to get washed over and over AND OVER again. good luck! lol.

ps haha the "captcha" word for this comment is "preworn."

Brittany said...

:)))) Exciting! Sounds like a super busy weekend! I also loved hand me downs! Its a great way to save some money! :)

I cant believe theres only sixty days left! I feel like it was just yesterday that you told me you were prego! :) EEK!