Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What is sleep? According to Merriam-Webster, sleep is "the natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored." I put that out there because I have no idea what sleep is. Yes, I do get some rest, a nap per se, but I cannot recall the last time I had 8 hours of continuous sleep. Wait, I can..sometime last March. Yep, right before we found out we were expecting. Now, I am lucky to get sleep in 3 hour increments. She was doing well, giving me at least 4 hours, but the last couple days, I was lucky to get sleep in hour increments before she decided she had enough. Take last night for example. She would fall asleep with us holding her, as soon as we would put her in her crib, she was wide awake! All.night.long. Finally, at 2 am, with me holding her, me sitting up in the futon, she fell asleep. Until about 4am. Then the process repeated itself. Finally at 6 am, she went back to sleep until 10am. Yeah, slept through our first 2 daycare tours. Called them, able to successfully reschedule one appointment, left a message about the other one. She is sleeping now...something I am about to do in a moment, so I will be rescheduling another tour. I guess we are staying in today...it's ok...apparently snow is on the way. So, be safe out there, and hopefully there will be sleep in our igloo tonight.


mom said...

i dont know what to tell you but somehow she has to stay awake during the day...if not bad thursday or friday i'll volunteer daddy so you get some rest love mom

burger-burger said...

sometimes you have to let her cry, too. but i agree with mom. either you start sleeping through the day, or she stays awake.

rockle said...

you may have to start putting her down before she's all the way asleep so that you don't "jolt" her awake (i know you don't jolt her but i can't think of a better word). maybe if you put her down and sit in the room with her until she falls back to sleep, singing to her or whatever?

of course my kid goes for days without sleeping or eating so i am not a good person to ask about this. (and no, i don't think my kid is accidentally taking meth, but it's hard to tell sometimes when they are almost four. so hey, you have THAT to look forward to! LOL.)