Monday, November 14, 2011

11 months

Last night when I went to bed, my precious darling daugther was 10 months old. When we woke up today, she was 11 months old! How on earth did that happen? How on earth did it come to be that she has been with us for almost a year already!! Here are the normal monthly "birthday" photos. I cannot believe that the next time I do this she will be 1!!!

My sweet babes! How independent you are trying to be. You are walking now, well taking steps to be walking, and every time you do you are taking more steps on your own. Your top 2 teeth are in, and you have the sweetest 4 toothed smile ever! Oct was an interesting month for you, you had your first Halloween, your first snowfall, and even our first time with the nebulizer. You still don't love it, but you don't hate it either. You see it as a nuisance, until you get to play with it. You are a non stop chatterbox, and I can't wait until you start saying more words! You love to snuggle and give awes (hugs) and kisses. You love to play patty-cake and letting us know how big you are. You hate sitting still and are always on the move. You had your first experience with "Little gym" and if it wasn't so expensive we would get a membership. You love giving Shae and Joey kisses, and especially love it when you see their pictures. You still love daycare, and everyone there loves you. You are such a sweet sweet baby, and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. No matter how bad my day is, you make it better. With daylights saving, you now get up a 6:30, but because of this you are now back to taking your morning nap. Which I was afraid meant you wouldn't nap at daycare, but you still nap there too. To me that is a win-win situation. You are a spitting image of me, and I wouldn't change that for the world. Slow down baby girl. You have the whole world to explore, just stay small one more day for mommy! I love you Pumpkin!



rockle said...

dear my-favorite-niece,

i still want to eat your face every time i see you. i love the way you say "shae," like "YAY!" with an implied and understood exclamation point. it's super-awesome the way you let me hold you. i am glad you are finally bigger than your sock monkey. and i'm sorry i fed you cheese balls at "nanny hallman's" birthday party, but in my defense, i was drunk. i'll feed you much better food at thanksgiving, pinky swear. uncle quack's turkey is DELICIOUS.

love, "aunt" rachel
(but i still don't want you to call me that)

Anonymous said...

i see she never wants to sit still love mom