Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Randomness (In bullet points)

* What a long weekend I have had, was on call on Thursday night which led into Friday morning, worked Friday 3-11 was on call all day Saturday and Sunday with each day rolling into the next day, for example last night's call, yep got a call at 0440 this am to be at work for 6am. So yesterday rolled into today.
*Makayla is trying to walk. Legit took 5 steps today before she gave up...
*We are looking at doing a lease to own for our next residence, thanks to my cousin Jason. He just started working at a company that does this, and with a percentage of the rent going towards the eventual purchase. I am looking at it tomorrow to see if it is even worth our potential rent/purchase.
* Working out and running are going. Down 34 pounds since May but definitely getting there.
* Makayla is still sick, sounds like she is getting better, but will know for sure on Wed.
*First semester of school is almost finished, finals next week in one class, next month in the other.
Well, there isn't much more to say going on right now, AND I have to go to work. Hopefully, I will be able to blog more to vent/catch you up on my life. No pictures today, but I will post some tomorrow.

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