Monday, August 16, 2010

Love letter

My dearest daughter,
Please, take your time and grow. Sorry about today, mommy didn't mean to get all worked up, maybe part of me was missing you and just needed to hear your little heart beat. They tell me not to worry that I might not be able to feel you move all the time, but really, they won't be able to monitor that for another 6 weeks. Can you believe we only have 18 more weeks go to?!? Mommy is so excited, I can't wait to hold you and kiss you. You are going to be the best Christmas present yet! Daddy even quit smoking so he can be healthier for you, and he also agreed to go to Church with me (even if it is only one Sunday a month). There are a lot of people eager to meet you, but no offense, we don't want to yet. Mommy has a lot more stuff to do to your room to make it your space, and then, when it's time, mommy's world will change and you will now be the center. I can't wait to take you on vacation next year and let you hang out with Peanut and Joey, but let's take it slow. Let's make it to your birthday and then Christmas, and then we will go from there. Speaking of Christmas, mommy is trying to find you the sweetest little dress to wear, Daddy already bought you cute little shoes. Hmm, maybe we need your outfit to bring you home in. No worries, between Nana and your Aunts, we have nothing to worry about. Mommy needs to go now and do some homework. Know that you are loved very much, and mommy can't wait until she feels you kicking. Keep growing Kiddo...Mommy and Daddy have all the love in the world for you.

Love always,

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