Thursday, August 26, 2010


Ok, so as you saw earlier, I mentioned that it was too early to be nesting, but can someone tell me then why the Hubs and I are infatuated with cleaning? Yes, I realize I used the word infatuated, and yes, I meant too. We both work full time M-F and last weekend was the first time in 6 months that the Hubs and I had a weekend off together. It has been since then that we started cleaning, and now we plan our visits with family, or trips to pick out paint to make sure we have enough time to get home and clean. When was the last time you scheduled your day around cleaning? Don't get me wrong, I love a good house cleaning, and really, it was well overdue, but I can't wait until we are finished and then all I have to do is run the vacuum. I know that soon enough our house will be filled with everything baby, actually, it was until last weekend when we cleaned out the baby's room and organized the stuff in there, now all the baby stuff is in her room. Hubs has some more organizing he wants to do, which may or may not involve the dvd collection, and I have some last minute boxes to relocate (we collected stuff we didn't want and are making a generous goodwill donation). It's actually nice to come home from work to a place that looks like people live here and not a place that looks like it was visited by a tornado. So, as the days turns to weeks, and the countdown gets closer to when our precious angel blesses us with her presence, we have few details to take care of. For example the Hubs and I picked out the colors that we want for the nursery (although we are still waiting for some things from my sister J before we are a go ahead on the color scheme). We also managed to pick out the colors for the living room, kitchen and bathroom. We have decided, that if we have too we will stay here until our babes is ready for school (what 5 years?) or until we are ready to buy a house (hopefully less than 5 years). Either way, the white walls of the apartment have been a real downer, and we want to make this place look like people live here and aren't just squatting. Have a great Thursday! I am 23 weeks and 3 days today!

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rockle said...

before you donate to goodwill -- if you haven't already -- see if they're doing the community yard sale at mom's. might be a good way to get some extra cash. you can always donate whatever is left. (we're thinking about doing the same thing.)