Saturday, August 14, 2010

This week

A lot happened this week...

This week in this area, or well last week until Sunday is Musikfest. Musikfest is this huge festival that happens in Bethlehem PA and lasts 10 days. They have lots of concerts and food, and people from the area showcasing their special talents for a profit. Tuesday we went to Musikfest and we saw Scythian. They are a Celtic rock group that neither Penguin or I had heard of, but since my husband claims to be more Irish than anything else, I knew it was something that he would like. And it turned out that they were GREAT!!! Amazing, awesome...yeah, can't describe it enough. We had filet wrapped in bacon for dinner, showed him around because he was never to Musikfest and I think he liked it. It was a great day.

Wednesday we went to see an Iron Pigs game. The Iron Pigs are a local affiliate of the 2009 National League Champions Philadelphia Phillies. I used the connections I had and scored some awesome seats! What was so important about this game was that my niece's best friend was there playing.

Yep, that is right, no need to adjust your monitor. That is Shane, the Flyin Hawaiian Victorino! He was spending a couple nights with the Iron Pigs rehabbing before he went back to Philly. Can you tell how good our seats were? And nope, this is not zoom;) I cannot thank my friend AT enough for the tickets.
Thursday I had a doctor's appointment where we heard our daughter's heart beat. She was moving around A LOT!! I still can't wait to feel her. We also talked about the next steps of the pregnancy, IE frequency of doctor's appointments since I am considered high risk. We also discussed my continued weight loss which apparently made the Nurse Practitioner happy or at least not concerned. We scheduled our next appointment for 2 weeks.
Friday was a day of a different color. I met with the Diabetic nutritionist and we discussed my need to go on Insulin at this stage of the pregnancy. At one point my diabetes was diet controlled and now it is not. It is however the hormones to blame, and there is nothing I could do to prevent it. I will still have to maintain the diabetic diet, I now just have to give myself some insulin 3 times a day in hopes to control the meals that are the most troubling to me (breakfast, dinner, and my fasting sugar). The nutritionist also told me that she wants to me to try to gain a 1/2 pound per week from here on out which is about 9 pounds for the rest of the pregnancy. I guess being told to gain weight is such a change for me. Last night was my first time with dealing with the insulin, and I have to say that the insulin hurts nothing like the actual checking of my sugar. That hurts like something terrible, where the insulin you don't even feel it. I mean you do, but it is over before you know it. Last night I had by best dinner sugar since I think I get pregnant, or at least in about a month. It didn't really help my sugars this morning or after breakfast, but it will take some adjustment. I know that it is in our daughter's best interest for me to use the insulin to make sure she is healthy, so whatever it takes I will do.
I am hoping today brings in time to hang out with family on top of doing homework for work. There are actually NO doctor's appointments next week, but there will be one the following week and again the following week. I will hopefully be able to update with fun and exciting the meantime...Have a great weekend!


rockle said...

ooooh, shae's going to be jealous!

mom said...

just try to enjoy i didnt touch the sweeper last night love mom