Friday, November 12, 2010

Do you remember..

Do you remember when I posted this? I asked you to try to figure out what I was making?! Well, without further ado, and pictures to follow later today (I mean it isn't even 6am yet), I will let you in on the little secret. I learned how to make...
Pacifier holders!
Yep, that is right pacifier holders. My brother in law's girl friend had a baby in August, and that is what prompted me to learn to make them. I wanted their child to have something I made for Christmas. And while I gave them the holders as I made them (I gave them Halloween and Thanksgiving ones) I thought it would be cool to make some for every day. Yes, I do plan on giving our sweet babes a pacifier, some day, and when that day comes I plan on using these holders.

Ok, I better get ready for work. Have great Friday! 42 days until Christmas!

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mom said...

wheres the picture of one ??/ love mom