Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lamaze class

Monday was week 2 of Lamaze class. What a joke I think this class has been so far. I signed up this class with every intention of learning life lessons and lessons on how to cope with delivery. However, what I learned is that our instructor has an opinon on many things and does her best to tell us. We did review the how do I know I am labor, and what to tell the doctor when and if your water breaks. Then, we toured both Labor and Delivery and the Mother Baby Unit. When I was in nursing school, I used to work on Labor and Delivery as a nurse's aide. Therefore, I was familiar with the unit. It was a good review, but still disappointing that I didn't learn anything. Well, wait, I did learn something, I learned that the televisions they have in the rooms are from like the 80s, every room is a private room, and that we are encouraged to snoop out the room. I also learned that the televisions do not have a dvd hookup and while I don't plan on watching movies, it would be nice to have for distraction. So, the hubs and I have decided to take our MP3 players and just listen to music. I also learned that there is one community whirlpool for the entire unit, and that the rooms have their own showers.
Still haven't learned how to breathe or all that fun jazz. I did learn what 5:1:1 means and what COAT stands for. Stay tuned, next week we are supposed to actually learn stuff!


Brittany said...

ha haha I only made it through one child birthing class and we made it just fine! :))))

rockle said...

did the lamaze teacher tell you what the secret password is to get hooked up to the epidural machine or whatever? because i need to know that code.