Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home made Christmas

This year, I am trying to make my own Christmas presents. Let me restate that. I am making pacifier holders for the hub's niece and of course for our sweet babes. Since the hubs and I have been together we have never had matching Christmas stockings. This year, with the babes coming, we are hoping to get matching Christmas stockings. But not just any Christmas stockings.. we are trying to support stay at home mom's or well, at least people who make their own stuff. Walmart and Target and Kohl's will be getting enough of our money with Christmas gifts, they don't need it for our stockings too. So, here is my plea...does anyone know anyone who makes Christmas stockings? Etsy? Anywhere? Suggestions greatly appreciated. And no, I cannot make it myself. I have limited arts and crafts ability, and making stockings is not one of those talents.

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Anonymous said...

Try Country Crafters in the 25th street shoppng center. :)