Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flu Season

Flu season in well in swing. This is your friendly reminder to go get the shot and to let you know you are in luck this year. This flu season there is only one shot needed, H1N1 and the Flu are included in one shot this year. The shot is also mercury free. (why did I just tell you that, well thanks for asking, I will tell you in a moment). So what are you waiting for...go get the shot! The health network that I work at does a mobile flu clinic. No, the clinic doesn't move, but the people just drive up to certain stations, put their cars in park, roll down the windows, roll up their sleeves and we administer the vaccination. We then give you a reciept that you can give to your doctor to let him/her know that you go the flu shot. We even answer questions, for example "I want a mercury free single dose vaccine because I am pregnant." Me- "I only have 5 weeks left of my pregnancy and I had the standard dose." Patron- "well, that is you. My doctor told me to get a mercury free single dose." Me- "Ok, pull up here, park your car and I will find out the answer." Me to pharmacist "there is a lady that wants a single dose mercury free vaccine. She is pregnant." Pharmacist-"they are all mercury free, where do people come up with this stuff?" Me to patron "I talked to a pharmacist and a doctor, they are all mercury free." Patron -"fine, if you say so." REALLY!! Why would I lie to you? What would I have to gain. I only have 5 weeks left until I have my baby and I just ran across a parking lot to find out an answer to your question and you act like you don't believe me!!!! Whatever!

Anyway, the mobile flu clinic was at Coca-Cola park, as the Sunday always is. Yesterday was at Dorney Park and while they tried to get into the Guiness Book of World Records, we fell short by 1500 vaccinations. Not a lot of patrons today...maybe 5000, last year was WAY more. So, next year, if you want a free flu shot, and you want it in the comfort of your home, make sure you check out our mobile flu clinic.


mom said...

had to sign the paper cause there is no way i'll get a flu shot love mom

rockle said...

i got my flu shot, and so did ryan, and so did shae! shae also got her pneumovax 13 this year. i don't even know what that is but it costs $210 or something. ($15 with the copay).

also: tell your friends. i used to get sick as a damn dog from my flu shot, but i've been getting it for the last 6 years with no problems. and i'm allergic to EVERYTHING. so it's totes OK.