Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breakfast in photos

Since, my mom (Hi Mom!) has been asking for pictures of Makayla, here are pictures from breakfast this morning. I love how happy she is in these pictures, but really, she is happy all of the time. She makes me feel so special.
This one is my favorite...she grabbed my face :)
Yes, I am wearing a tanktop..I always wear one under my shirts...just hadn't gotten that far yet.
She thought it was funny I wanted to take pictures while she was eating
Bananas and French toast...
Face is stuffed...

Looking at the dogs...making sure they won't eat her food.


rockle said...

i miss having to use the high chair, when shae was TRAPPED and i could TAKE A DAMN PICTURE ALREADY.

Anonymous said...

thanks i'm always looking for something to make me smile love mom