Saturday, January 21, 2012

Off to the Zoo

Yesterday, the Lehigh Valley Zoo had Penguin appreciation day, so we decided to take a trip there. This was also Makayla's first time at the zoo. Anyway, when we go there, the up and center display was the Penguin display, but there were no penguins to be seen. I asked one of the people who worked there and was told that it was too cold for the Penguins. Apparently they are African Penguins and don't like the cold weather. If this is the case, why did they have Penguin Appreciation Day in the winter. Anyway, we had the whole zoo to ourselves with the occasional other group of people there. Here are some of the pictures.

While I was unable to get a lot of pictures, the batteries on the camera died, I did learn that Makayla loved the zoo. Our next trip will be to Adventure Aquarium.
Today, as I write this, is nap time. It is a little later than usual because as you know it is snowing. Makayla went out for the first time ever in the snow.

I am so happy that she loved the snow! It makes my heart go pitter patter. When she got tired, we came inside, and she was the easiest to put to bed yet. I hope you all are having a happy Sat.


Anonymous said...

she truly is a good girl, but very determined love mom

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