Sunday, February 5, 2012

First race of 2012!

Today, is my first race of 2012. I am sure it won't be my first (well, I know since 1/2 marathon training starts tomorrow) and I am excited to see what 2012 has in store for me. I know it has been a while since I have written. This week has been crazy. The hubs and I have been looking for our next place to live (the lease was ending on our current rental and the space was just not big enough) and this awesome new place was opening. They gave us an offer we couldn't refuse. So, on Wednesday, we moved. My father helped the hubs all day, since I had to work. We are mostly now in our new place, with some of our stuff still at the old place. We go back and forth to move the stuff. Hopefully, soon we will have all of our stuff here. There are some boxes left, and hopefully soon they too will be disappearing. Between the move, school, being a mom and running, there hasn't been much time for anything else. I promise, a new month, I will do my best to get on here some more. Anyway, last night, in honor of my race today, I decided that I wanted to carb load. Well, as you may or may not recall, I am also on a quest to get healthier and lose some weight. I am down 45 pounds so far since May, with my first goal of 50# weight loss knocking on my door. Anyway that is a story for another day. Well, I wanted the carbs, and not the calories, so I tried this Hungry-girl recipe for Fettuccine with Clam sauce. You can get the recipe here. Let me just say, that I didn't know what to expect of tofu, but actually, it was good. To me to tasted like clams, and with only 181 calories and 20 grams of Carbs, it was something I would definitely try again. The hubs, not so much. I had to make him his version with the "normal" noodles.
On this Superbowl Sunday, may the team you want to win-win.  May you feel the love of God, and if you are racing the Superbowl 10K today, may you find the strength to get up all those hills! Have a great day!

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