Sunday, February 5, 2012

Race Recap!

Where do I start with this race. The beginning. It was fa-reezing this morning. There was a firepit advertised, but really, it was more like a smoke pit. Lots of people, not a lot of port-a-potties=long lines. Anyway, the race did not start on time, but when it did, at first there was a false-start. (I think they were trying to get us ready for the game tonight) and then we were off. Up a hill...up a long and gradual hill, but a hill none the less. Let me just tell you, for this race, I started at the back of the pack because I didn't want to start off too fast. Do you have any idea how lonely this race was. I understand it was cold, but really there weren't many spectators there to keep you going. Oh, and did I mention we were on roads that were not closed to traffic. Or, did I mention that some random runner right before the race started and the announcement was made that the roads would be open to traffic kindly told me about a runner in Illinois who was hit while running and is in Intensive care? (No, I forgot to tell you, oh wait, DID NOT calm my nerves at all!) Anyway, at the top of the first hill the road curved to the left and up another gradual hill. I believe mile 1 was seemed to be the fastest mile. Anyway, we continued to weave through a neighborhood and before you know it, the fast runners started on their way back while I was trying to just get to the turn around point. Today was my first experience with water stations, and there were 2 of them. Mile 2 had one, and while I believe only a sip of water actually made it into my mouth, it was actually nice to wear some of it. I know mile 3 was only a mile, but it seemed like it took forever to get there, maybe that is because I knew that was the turn around point. Anyway, the turnaround came and went, and then at mile  4 was another water station. This time, I was greedy and took 2 cups, managed more to drink than wear, and then the pain began. Not like injury pain, not like over training pain, just pain. Pain in my feet at the balls of my feet. It went from the balls of my feet to the toes. What do you do at 4 miles, but I pushed it. I also wanted to make sure that I held myself accountable to all those training runs and run sub 11 minute miles. I know that may not seem fast to you, but I have only been running since Sept '11 and my 2 prior 5Ks were run at paces between 11 and 11:30. I knew I could do faster than that, so I made sure each one of my miles was sub 11. Back to the pain. I couldn't get it off of my mind. I tried to change my music, I tried to turn it up. I tried to lose myself in the scenery. NOTHING worked, but I knew I came to far and worked to hard to give up. Fast forward to mile 5. Couldn't have come soon enough! I don't really remember much about that mile, I just know that it was down hill and the pain in my feet was constant now. Somewhere around mile 6, I ran into my friend Jan from work, which helped me keep going, and shortly after that I ran into my friend Roger, from Breakfast Club Runners. Seeing him at the end always helps me through...this time more so than ever! The pain in my feet was so bad, I was near tears, but I knew I had to finish. I crossed the finish like in 1 hour 6 minutes. A time I was happy happy with, but I know, had I been pain free, I might have been able to go faster. After the race, the line to the club house was way too long, and Pizza was on the menu. Who wants greasy pizza after a run? Not this girl. So, I skipped the pizza, went after the drinks instead and grabbed an apple instead.
Will I run this race again, most definitely! I hope they give better post race food next year. Maybe metals for all finishers? Wishful thinking, yes, I know. Hopefully next year, more spectators, warmer weather.
I give this race an A, but post run B+.
Thanks to my running family and Jacobsburg Park for giving me some insane hills! At least I felt equipped to handle them, albeit slowly!

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