Sunday, July 12, 2009


As many of you may or may not know ( I don't know how many people not related to me check out this blog) I am moving in like 5 days. One of the perks of moving on my own is grocery shopping. Is that really a perk? Hmm, not sure, I will have to ask around about that one. Anyway, I LOVE LOVE cutting coupons and using them (when I remember) to buy the things that we need, er umm want. Anyway, while looking through the coupons today, I found this little pinkish-purple little add, that said 'Hungry Girl Approved.' Well what did I do...I went to the website of this Ms Hungry Girland fell in love instantly. Yes, I did say instantly. It was love at first sight quicker than me and a pair of shoes. Anyway this site has a lot of great things, such as awesome recipes that now living on my own with the STBH, I can try to start cooking again. The best part, yes it gets even better, is that the recipes offer WW points so that I can go back to being more diligent to that. Anyway, I recommend checking out the website, and if you are like me, I might even buy myself the Hungry Girl book, Hungry Girl 200under 200- 200 recipes under 200 calories!

Happy Weekend!



HEY GIRL! thanks so much for coming by the palace!! i love new followers.. and yes its too late for the swap, i'm so sorry :( i always have them atleast every 2 months so stop back by.. Have a great week! and God bless.

rockle said...

L=love the Hungry Girl. i got THE BEST recipe for crock-pot chicken BBQ from her. except i "rockle-fied" so it's even easier. TWO INGREDIENTS. even gizzy couldn't screw that one up! let me know when you want it.

burger-burger said...
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burger-burger said...

are you getting paid for all your advertising? ;-)

what's going on with shelze?