Friday, July 10, 2009


So my sister, Rockle has this adorable wee one named Shae. She is absolutely adorable, as you will see on Rockle's blog. However, I made a quick trip to their house yesterday to deliver some furniture and had the opportunity to take this picture of her. It's Shae being Shae, at least I think. So, here...enjoy!
Did you notice the sunglasses on her head. She must have seen someone wear the glasses like that and knew to do that too. Oh, and how did I get her to smile...I told her to say cheese for Baby Joey...yep she is saying "cheese baby Joey" and whenever she sees a picture of him...she says that's my cousin...and starts kissing it. Go see more of Joey on my sister Jaime's site!

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burger-burger said...

it's, "cheese BabyJoey!" BabyJoey is one word ;-) although she occasionally called him just joey, but i think that was because she was worried no one would think she's a baby anymore ;-)