Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I will Survive

Ok, sorry, that song popped in my head as earlier tonight I was finalizing music for the DJ, my brother in law to play at STBH and my wedding. That wedding is 11 days away. HOLY MOLY! Well, I took my sister J's advice and went to theknot.com and printed off the checklist. WOW, amd I suddenly overwhelmed with must dos and to dos. I am completely thankful for the wonderful family that I have and for all of their offers to help wherever needed. On Sunday, was my hair trial day, and man did I LOVE my hair do. A friend of mine who I work with helped me pick it out, and I was kinda hesitant to see how it would look in my hair. See, I am the girl who for every formal and the 2 weddings I was in (where I had my choice of hairdo), my safety net was a french twist, but for my wedding, I wanted something different. Anyway, I fell in love with my hair do and I can't wait to get it done for real;) I also had my final dress fitting, and man, my dress fits like a glove. I can't wait to wear it again and for STBH to see me in it. Anyway, my sister Rockle has offered to help where needed, and I am just trying to figure out where I need the help. My cousin Autumn, who pretty much just told me I own her on Wednesday is going with me to Party City to get my garters, my aisle runner, and to see what kind of car decorations I can find, because one of my dad's many brothers pointed out that we need to decorate the cars. Haha...little do they know I put my dad in charge of that job=) We, STBH, Autumn, my cousin in law Kim, and myself are also headed off to the Reception site on Wednesday evening to see how it is going to be set up, so that Autumn and Kim who both are itching to do something, are going to be in charge of setting up the hall. Then, Autumn, STBH, and I are probably going to go back to the apartment and start on the centerpieces so that I feel like I will have done something REALLY productive. Then, by wed, I also want to have the seating chart finalized, once I know where all the tables are going to go, so that I can send it to J so that she can help with the name cards. Thursday STBH and I have to go pick up the gifts that we got for our mothers, and make final payments to whoever needs the money before the wedding day. I also need to finish paying off STBH's ring, and send my engagement ring to the store to get inspected and shined for the big day.
Monday, after taking J back to the airport, I was able to call most of my uncles and make sure they were still driving. See, I believe in saving money where I can, and since my uncles are all going to the wedding, why can't they take someone with them;) Anyway, that is when on said uncle pointed out that the cars need to be decorated...oye! something I never thought of! Well, dad offered to help in anyway, so I delegated car decorating with him.
Now, it's back to work for me... until later alligator


rockle said...

it's been a while since i had to make tissue flowers out of actual tissues, but i can see what i can do. want me to look at the craft store for some kind of floral decorations? let me know.

burger-burger said...


and when you said you're giving me the seating chart on wednesday, did you mean tomorrow or next week? please say tomorrow.