Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Built This City

...well maybe not me, but someone did. Someone built a lot of things. Someone, who does not always ask the people who are going to be using their said product for advice on how to build or construct it so that it works properly. For example, why don't the architects of hospitals as the nurses how they would like their rooms constructed? Or the guy that developed the equipment to monitor someone's heart, why don't they ask us what we want our limits set too? Really, setting a red alarm (life threatening) for a Heart rate of 50 is kinda dumb. Let me repeat it...IT IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! I am sure that when I am deep in sleep my heart rate could possibly go into the 50s, but I am also sure that it doesn't mean that I am going to die. Or does it?!? I do know however, that if an alarm goes off blaring at the top of its lungs at like 0100 and I was dead asleep, that I will have a heart attack and that in itself could kill me. So why? Why do that? It's not like I am going to call the Doc and be like excuse me Sir, yeah um your patient who is deep asleep and all has a heart rate of 59. What is the doc going to tell me to do? Wake up the patient. Not on my watch. Sorry, it was just something that I was thinking about.
Had the last meeting with the florist yesterday, and now I am eager to see how the flowers will look. I don't go into work until 11pm tonight (Wed) so I am totally going to run away to the house of my friend I am supposed to check on and hopefully pass out pool side for a little sun nap. Then all I have is work 8 hours Wed and 12 hours on Thursday and then it is the big move! Once we do move, I don't know how often I will be online, but my sister is being kind enough to lend us a laptop, so if not before the day I marry my STBH, then definately once we get back we will be online. I will probably continue to blog from work while listening to Pandora, but if not, I will still be paying visits to the parental units and I can always update you then. Have a great Humpday! The weekend is almost here!

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RCaitlin said...

Moving is so annoying for internet access. I had to move so many times this past year it was crazy and really annoying. My internet access was so sporadic.