Monday, September 28, 2009

Life and other happenings

Not much is going on here in my little world. I am working right now as much as I can, for some reason I am being possessed by the NEED to pay off bills. As of right now 3 credit cards will be paid off by the end of this year, and to that I feel proud. I am hoping that Penguin and I can buy a house next year, if not, I will just keep chugging away and maybe by 2011 at the latest we will become homeowners. Since I started with the pledge of starting October by getting in Shape thanks to the 30day Shred and Enell, I am starting to eat healthier too. Yes, Penguin and I did start to decrease our carbs, but just yesterday, I chose Smart Ones deserts over "real ice cream" as Penguin calls it. The desserts I chose have WW points, so while I can't afford to do WW right now, I can continue to try to watch my points. This Saturday is Kim and Phil's one year anniversary housewarming party and I am looking forward for the opportunity to see their new crib. (OMG did I just say that?) Anyway, before that I decided to join them for Step Out. It is a 5K run/walk, which of course I am walking this time around. Let's see how I do, and maybe I will try to find a 5K monthly and maybe by next spring I will be able to run them. (Wish me luck with that day dream). Anyway, not much else to report. Unfortunately, I will not be heading to Pittsburgh on Sunday, with the finances right now I chose to work over going out there. I am saddened, but I also need to do what is best for Penguin and I. Hope everyone has a good week.


mom said...

let me know i'll make donation love mom

rockle said...

good for you! but don't let katie be your pace runner, she gets DQ'ed. lol.