Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Recap

So, it was a crazy weekend for Penguin and I. First, we traveled through the rain and floods to Philadelphia on Friday to see my cuz Abbz play soccer. While her team (University of Pitt) lost, Abbz left the game with some killer sexy knees. Then, when the rain slowed down on Saturday, we headed to Brooklyn to hang out with the Brooklyn crew. We spent a lot of time just catching up and hanging out. Finally, Sunday was absolutely beautiful, and we traveled to Philadelphia again. This time, mom joined us as we watched the Abbster play soccer again. Unfortunately, Pitt lost again, but they did play better than Friday. I got to see Abbz again, and actually I have now seen her play more soccer in college than she played in soccer. As far as I know, she is the only frosh on the team to play all of the games. In fact, Abbz has played 940 minutes of soccer so far in her career. Every minute of every game. So, because of her, I am going to start getting in shape again. Not really because of her, but I was influenced by her. I have looked up local adult soccer leagues, and am waiting to here if there is a chance I can play again. I loved soccer, and miss not playing. So, hopefully I can play again, although I know I won't be like her. She rocks socks!


mom said...

you can start getting in shape for playing right in your neighborhood...dont forget funeral is today love mom

burger-burger said...

so did you join a team? any that have practice convenient for your schedule?