Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Plan..

So, I know I have said this before, many many times, but I have finally decided on a way to make myself happier amongst all of this stress. So, payday is this week and I am going to go to the enell website. J lives by them, and if they are good enough for her, they are good enough for me. Besides, I need a sportsbra for soccer, so it better get moving on getting one. But wait, there is more. I get out of work at about 7-715, and I am not always completely tired by that time. So, my plan...when I get out of work I am going to do the 30 day shred video that J gave me. I promised her I would do it, and I want I need too, I just came up with other ways of putting off getting moving. Penguin and I have started to eat least I don't always snack all the time, so now, I have an even better way of making sure I watch what I eat. I still try to eat the WW stuff, I might not be able to do ww right now, but I know how about how many points a day I was able to have. I also know I need to start running in order to get in shape for soccer, but who am I kidding. Sometimes going up the steps winds me. If I can get in shape starting with the 30 day shred, that will give me more motivation to keep it going. At the garage sale over the weekend I met a lady who lost 50 pounds in 5 months doing the Wii active game. While spending that kind of money is not a priority right now, it is something in the back of my mind that I have wanted now, probably since it came out. I also still get recipes and stuff from hungry-girl and I fell in love with one of her cookbooks. It is like 200 recipes under 200 calories. There is an entire chapter on cupcakes! So...that is what I am going to do. This weekend I am going to order my first enell sportsbra. And start the 30 day shred. Then, for my birthday, or well probably sooner I will order a second one. With playing soccer, I should probably have more than 1 sports bra. Anyway, that is my plan. I can work out and work off some of the stress all at the same time. Yeah, that does sound like a plan. Well, I better get back to work. Have a great day!


burger-burger said...

i don't know what time you get up before going to work, but it might be a good idea to workout a little then, too. even if it's just taking the dogs for a minute walk. you can always throw in a little jog for 2 minutes.

you can do it!

rockle said...

what is enell? and why don't i know about it?

Shelze said...

enell is a company that makes sportsbras for well endowned women. They come in different "impact" types, lyte and regular. I just bought a regular one, in HOPE pink. Yes, I did say pink. Jaime told me about them before, and I am hoping that in 2 months when I want to buy another one, I can get a smaller size.