Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday was day 1 of our less carbs

Today was the first day of Penguin and my attempt at restructuring the way we eat. We have decided, that instead of making carbs the main piece of our meals, we are going to try to make it more of an accent piece. So, today, (well actually he started it last night), Penguin put a pork shoulder in our crock pot with some bbq pork spice packet that he got at the store, and we had pulled pork for dinner. Our dinner accents, Caesar salad and corn on the cob. For Penguin's first attempt at pulled pork it was yummy! For tomorrow, he already started it, again in the crock pot, and it is some chicken dinner thinger. Maybe we will start using the crock pot more often on days I work. So, here is what I am asking. If you have any crock pot/slow cooker recipes, send them our way! We would love to give them a whirl.


Anonymous said...

dont you mean i will give them a try?

rockle said...

let me check my cookbooks -- there is a lot you can do with a crock pot. pot roast is exceptionally good.

burger-burger said...

let me know if you get any exceptionally good recipes (or if you and joe figure them out). i love the crock pot, even if we don't use it enough ;-)