Wednesday, May 5, 2010


They are a girls best friend. Tell me one girl that doesn't like diamonds? Anyone, one of the awesome blogs that I read regularly is hosting a diamond giveaway. Yep, that is right. Diamond earrings. Her giveaway is sponsored by Kohls, and she is lucky to be giving away beautiful diamond earrings. Nothing says hello summer than brand new diamonds. Don't believe me, go ahead and take a look at Suburban Housewife in training's blog and enter the giveaway! Don't expect me to sit here and wait for you...I am entering it myself! Good luck!


mom said...

see you later today daddy did grass i have stuff for supper but come or call before you are picking him up so stuff is ready i love you mom

mom said...

i thought i posted i hate these guarded things anyhow supper can be ready and dad did the grass i love you mom