Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well hello there

Happy Hump day! Yep, we made it. Half-way through another week. What have we learned this week so far? Time is going by way to fast. I have also learned that after work tonight (wed) I will have worked 48 out of the last 96 hours. So, what does that mean...well, lately I have been sleeping a lot, which I love. Working nights is really hard, and getting a good "day" sleep is often even harder. We do have black out curtains, but that doesn't mean that it won't be trash day, or lawn cutting day, or everyone in the building go in and out day and make the dogs bark all day. However, lately, sleep is all I have been doing. For example on a typical day, I am usually a sleep no later than 0830, and then usually up by 2:30-3:00. Umm, yeah, not Tuesday. Tuesday I didn't get to sleep until closer to nine because well my other job is 45 minutes away and Penguin and I wanted breakfast, but...then I slept until 4:30 and even that felt like waking up too soon. I know that I will be asleep by 0800 today since I live approximately 2 miles from where I am working, and maybe that means that I will sleep until 4 again and that will be another daysleep of greater than 7 hours! Wahoo! I love it. It also means that we are thismuchcloser to moving and have nothing backed and ohh man the panic. It's alright, I have my quasi day off on Thursday to get some packing finished and we really don't need to be officially out of the current place until June 1st, but seriously, I would love to be in there tomorrow. I promise, I will take pictures of the new place sans furniture so that you can see our new Igloo. We will now have a first floor apartment with no neighbors behind us and a dishwasher and new conditioners and did I mention it is on the first floor so our dogs can go out on running leashes while I clean and I can feel like I am really cleaning?!!? Yes, I am really excited about being able to clean and bar-b-que and just be in a bigger space. Well, that is all for now. Hope you have a great hump day! What's on your plate?


Vic said...

Can I borrow some of that sleep-Puuuuleaaaze! lol:) enjoy the beauty sleep! xoxo

rockle said...

get all the rest you can. seriously. otherwise you'll wake up one day and feel like you 136 years old and that never stops.