Saturday, May 15, 2010


So, I missed posting yesterday. Sorry. Let's recap the last 2 days shall we. On Thursday, after we went and saw the folks we went to visit a friend. Let's just say that after dinner I fell asleep on her couch so we went home. We got home around 9, where I passed out again and slept until Friday at 1130. 14 and a half hours of sleep! I guess I was really tired. Why...because at 3 pm on Friday I feel asleep for another 45 minutes. We got zero packing done, but I have off Monday so that is what Monday will be. No worries, we will get it all done. Work has been crazy busy, full one day not full the next. Hopefully things will just keep on keeping on. Oh, and I found a care package for my cousin Abbz, that I was supposed to mail her for finals. Yep, epic fail. I guess I can either mail it or wait til I see her. I hope nothing has gone bad in it. Guess that teaches me that when I get an idea in my head I should follow through before I forget. Aricept anyone? Anyway, hoping the weather gets nicer so it starts to feel like summer again. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


mom said...

will check with you later i love you mom

Kristin said...

I am the WORST about getting to the post office. A package will sit on my dining table for a month. It's pitiful. HA!