Thursday, May 20, 2010


Wednesday, we took a break after moving the living room and had company over. My cousins Sunshine and Princess were there, as well as my friend Liz and her son Anthony. Also, Andy a recent addition to our mutual friends also stopped by. We cooked on the grill, hung out, just enjoyed the company of others. It was really nice, and I can see Penguin and I doing it again in the near future. Also, we actually met some of our neighbors, which we have only met 2 from the other building in the year that we lived there. They all seem pretty cool, and we all have dogs, so it is definately a zoo in our complex. Our neighbor Raif (I think that is how it spelt, J suggested Ralph and prounounced (Ray-f) works at a hospital and his wife, Michelle is a massage therapist. They are from Chicago, and seem pretty cool. I know that Uncle Joe always has the mentality for the more the merrier, so since Raif and Michelle don't have any family here, they will be joining us for Memorial Day. Anyway, now it's back to life, back to reality and I will go now to continue to provide excellent patient care for my patients and their families. This move is taking forever, but hopefully soon it will be completed so that I can clean the old place. Hope you had a good Hump day. Just think it is now almost Friday!!!


rockle said...

both spellings of "rafe" are acceptable, as well as "rafe." it's usually spelled "ralph" though, as in the actor ralph fiennes.

Vic said...

Glad you spent time with friends and family.....It's great:) Have a fab weekend my dear:) xoxox