Friday, March 23, 2012

Running In Skirts

I promised a review on my run in a skirt, so here it is. So, I bought this skirt
to run in my half marathon. I bought it at Marshall's because it was on the affordable side, and I figured I wanted to try one out anyway. I don't know anything about the brand...
So I figured why not. Today, the temperature was perfect, so I wanted to give it a whirl. Just like learning to hydrate with running, I don't think race day would have been a good day to try it out.
 So, here are my opinions..
1- The skirt was awesome! My legs kept cool enough, and the skirt looked "cute" even on me
2- The shorts underneath kept working upward, and I was deathly afraid I was going to end up getting chafed because I do not have the privilege of my legs not rubbing together
3-The skirt was a little on the big side, but it was comfortable enough that I didn't have to fuss with it, the shirt, now that was a different story.
4- I liked the fabric and the color, both worked well on a day like today (it was beautiful out, what can I say)
5- It felt very freeing to have legs that weren't overheating (it felt like summer running)
Overall, I think I loved running in a skirt. I really think that I will buy some more, but maybe different styles and brands until I find that one that has shorts that don't ride up. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share it.

This picture is me ready for 4.5 miles. Clearly I was excited and looking forward to running in a skirt...

This is me after 4.5 miles. Hot, sweaty, kinda glad it is over...

This is the only casuality of the run. Glad that it isn't chafing between my, its on the inner aspect of my upper right arm from the armband for my ipod.
I stopped at mile 2.25 to stretch and when I saw this I switched it to the other arm. Guess I need to put body glide where that arm band sits.

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Anonymous said...

none of these are great pictures, but looking good! -jaime