Sunday, April 5, 2009

123 days (Saturdays post just late)

Posting late apparently is my new thing. LOL. So Saturday was Shae's bday party which meant that people were coming over and that I would have to do without all of the sleep that I am used to. To top that off I got out of work way late and couldn't walk the dogs in the morning. I did wake up and spend some time with the party goers (sorry I was such a party pooper I was just exhausted). I laid down and overslept my alarm by 30 minutes so I was not able to walk the dogs in the afternoon either. I have stopped beating myself up about it, I am going to have days like that, I just have to try harder to make sure that I get at least one walk in a day. Really that is all that happened. My weigh in day is on Monday...I found a meeting at 7pm EST. Hopefully I will still be awake. I say hopefully bc I work Sunday night, and then Mon morning I start my first day at my other job. It shouldn't be too bad...I have off all week then until Friday night. Well, not really off, but I will be on a day shift schedule until Friday when I work Friday day and then again Friday night. I will be ok... only pushing my self hard until the wedding...Hoping to get a house by the end of the year. Well...That is all for now. Have a great Sunday!

Happy Exercising!


rockle said...

whoa, wait ... you start a job monday morning after a 12-hour shift at your regular job? yeesh.

burger-burger said...

what's your other job?