Thursday, April 16, 2009


This week so far is going to be a bad week...honestly...I think it is. I went over my points on Tuesday....and well I haven't blogged in soo long. I need to go back to walking the dogs, but it has been raining and I don't want wet dogs. Wed Shae officially became part of the family, although we already considered her part of the family. Wedding planning is really starting to stress me out...that on top of having to pay uncle sam AGAIN really gets my goat. I really feel like I am not getting anywhere with wedding plans, and the day is getting closer and closer. I feel like my grip on the world is slowly going away and that I am falling...falling...out of control. But I will be ok, I always am. Besides, what other option do I have? The only saving grace right now is that it is supposed to be really nice this weekend and I have off, so I know the dogs will gets lots of love this weekend....that is all for now..


Miss Anne said...

Hi There!!!

Thanks for becoming my newest follower! I see you are a Bride to be!!! How exciting!

Trust me... the following feelings are normal and to be expected:



If you need someone to lean on or ask any questions (not that I'm the wedding pro.. but i DID learn a trick or two on my way) I'm here for you!


One Nurse said...

Hi there!! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog!! I love to see when knew people are coming around to read my stories.

Sorry to hear your week is not going well. Wedding stress can be some of the biggest stress. Hang in there, when it is all done and you and hubby are safe and sound on your honeymoon, you will realize what is on the other side of this. It is amazing!!
God Bless!