Sunday, April 26, 2009


That is how I will sum up today. 89 degrees on the 26th day of AprilYipee! I walked the dogs for an hour today just to enjoy some of the fresh air before work...I have decided that since it is supposed to be that warm tomorrow I am walking the dogs in the morning, not at 3 in the afternoon again. Other than sweating to a near death; it was really great to be outside. I, err um madame Gizzy, got to meet some of the neighborhood wee ones. At first she was a little scared, but she got so comfortable with them she even let them pet her. The one wee one wanted to take Gizzy to her house, and that is when Gizzy had enough of the company. I can't believe that my nephew is almost 6 months old already. Wow, how quickly they grow up.

Can you believe that April only has 4 days left?!?! Holy crap. I just looked at the calendar and realized that my wedding is starting to get closerandcloser. WOW...I can't believe it! I feel like I started planning it soooo long ago, and at that time I never thought this day would come. Here we are 3 months and 13 days away. Sheesh... that is all I have to say.

Anyway, more beautiful weather tomorrow and a much needed day off. Can't wait to get outside and enjoy some SUN!

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