Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Comfort food

What's your comfort food? To me, home cooked food is definitely comfort food no matter what it is. However, my favorite of all comfort food is macaroni and cheese. I don't know what it is about it, but eating it makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. I got an even better feeling tonight, when I made it myself and it turned out not only edible (I am still afraid it won't be) but actually quite good, if I am allowed to toot my own horn. I know that all I did was follow a recipe, but I still did make it myself. I am proud of me because since Sunday, I have cooked every meal except one. I even have a menu planned for the rest of this week, which I will share with you. I am even starting to go outside the box, OK just one foot, but I am even planning meals that don't require the slow cooker. Yep, I am trying to slowly branch outside of that "comfort" and slowly build beyond slow cooker meals. Here is the menu for the rest of this week...

Thurs: Hamburger Pie recipe courtesy of Weight Watchers magazine with fries, I am having homemade butternut squash fries, and Penguin, yeah I bought him store bought regular fries.
Fri: Tuna steak with broccoli- tuna steak prepared per package and broccoli steamed
Sat- Steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions
Sun- Stuffed chicken breast recipe courtesy of food network.

Hopefully Penguin is on the same page as me and will enjoy the choice of menu options that are both healthy and will hopefully be tasteful. I am not sure what got over me, but I really prefer to cook at home as opposed to going out, and if Penguin will continue to be cooking strike, I am ok with that, hopefully Penguin will just stop being so picky. I know that there are foods that people don't really like, but most people don't like them after tasting them at one point or another. I am not sure where his dislike is based on, but I know that I will try something once. If I didn't like it, but it is offered to me a different way, I gussy up and try it. If I still don't like it, then at least I know I gave it a fair share. Penguin, if he didn't like it once, then that is it. I just wish as I am on my goal to healthier eating that he would embrace it and try new things. Who knows, maybe he will. On the note of eating healthier, I have officially lost 19 pounds since I started ww in Jan. I am hoping now that I am on a mission to eat better, I will now stop making up excuses to miss the gym. I am also still doing that running program First strides and hopefully that in addition to going to the gym will get me to feel better about myself and by the time of the family reunion camping, I will not be embarrassed to see myself in a bathing suit.

What's do you find comfort in?


rockle said...

cheese. cheese makes everything better.

mom said...

you are doing great and i dont like to eat out but dont necessarily like to cokk either !!!!! wash is done love mom

Brittany said...

I love to cook. We made these shrimp hoagies the other day. We sauted several different peppers, onions and shrimp with butter and garlic (or olive oil). we layered them on whole wheat hoagies. We topped it with either pepper jack or swiss cheese. We severed them with asparagas!

It was delicious! Just an idea if you're a fan of sea food that is! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to getting to know you more through your blog!