Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saving goodbye...

Yesterday, Penguin and I went to Brooklyn for a sad reason. While I was not really up to going because 1, I had just gotten off of work, and 2 it is currently allergy season and I felt like no mood to be around people. However, we NEEDED to be in Brooklyn. See, Joe's nephew George... (sorry about the picture quality, I forgot my camera and had to use my phone) getting ready to deploy to Iraq. While he doesn't leave until April, it was very important for us to be there. See, Penguin now works weekends so he won't really be able to go and see him unless it's during the week. Anyway, I sucked up how I was feeling to the best of my abilities to show George my support. George is important to Penguin, as he was one of the best men in our wedding. Anyway, I thought that it was really important that he knows that we all support him, even if we don't all support the reason. Anyway, I made it until about 3pm, then I felt like the floor felt out of my world, I couldn't breathe out of either nostril and I started hacking. George said he understood us leaving early, and I really hope he knows how much he will be in our thoughts for the next 12 months. Penguin says we will go out there again one weekend before he leaves after he gets off of work, I just know that nothing will replace this day. It was good to see the in-laws again, I just hope next time I am feeling better. Anyway, George, until you come home, you will be in our thoughts and in our prayers. God speed and stay safe!

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