Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What on earth has happened?...

I am concerned, very very concerned. I am starting to love cooking. Yep, you read that correct, yours truly is actually like to cook. Granted, I am not doing anything above and beyond except following a recipe and putting the ingredients into a slow cooker, but still, it feels like such an accomplishment to me. I know that I am not as good as my sister R, heck she was my lifeline today about where to get Fontina cheese, which by the way you can get at Wegman's. (Thanks again R!). Hopefully, I will feel more comfortable and more qualified to move beyond the slow cooker cookbook and then I can move onto the Joy of Cooking. Outside of mixing the ingredients and putting them into the slow cooker, I actually had fun today planning the meal and what we were going to eat with main course. Like, my grandmother got us a food chopper and I loved putting the veggies into it and chopping them for the salad. Please, someone get the thermometer, I must not be feeling well! It actually felt energizing knowing that I had a hand in picking everything out that we are going to eat tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope Penguin doesn't get sick of the slow cooker and all of its magic! Oh, and in case you were wondering, for dinner tomorrow is Slow cooker Mac and cheese.


rockle said...

wegman's is HEAVEN for amateur foodies like me (and looks like you too!). their cheese counter is TO DIE and the people there really know their shit, so ask questions. if you like something, ask for recommendations on something else you can try. i found LOTS of great cheeses that way (and you know how i love cheese!).

and let me tell you this: i learned HOW to cook from taking home ec class in 7th grade, but i learned how to LOVE cooking from just doing it. start with your cookbooks, and then start trying stuff. if a recipe calls for, say, green beans, try it with asparagus sometime. find a delicious way to cook carrots? try it with something else you like. start with basics: salt, pepper, olive oil, and learn to build from there. even just learning how to roast a chicken is very satifying, because once you know where to start, it's so easy to move on from there.

good luck! and bon appetit!

burger-burger said...

that's what's great about the joy of cooking, too. it tells you exactly how to do everything, so you don't have to think. even something as simple as potatoes, it gives you 20 different ways to make them. recipes = less stress.